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The Friends of JCU operate a private lottery for Credit Union Members.

The money raised is used to send volunteers to training seminars, to help maintain the property and for the purchase of promotional materials etc. Lottery membership is voluntary and each member who takes part contributes £1.00 per month, which is deducted from his or her S1 savings each month. You may terminate lottery membership at any time.

Half of the money collected is donated to the credit union and the other half is paid out in lottery prizes. Each member is allowed one turn in the monthly draw, which takes place in the office at the monthly meeting of the board of directors.

You can join the lottery now by completing this form and sending it to the office.

 Lottery Winners for June 2024

Edward Morning

Elizabeth Elliott

Greg Lee

Elaine O'Neill

Julia Manley

Zoe McAleer

Dorothy Thomson




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