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The primary reason people join together in a credit union is to save regularly. Their savings when combined with those of the other members create a fund of savings from which members can borrow whenever they have a need. To reflect the co-operative nature of the credit union these savings are called shares.  (Maximum shareholding per member is currently £20,000).

Share deposits in the first year of membership are capped at a maximum of £1000.

Savings are essential for the effective functioning of the credit union. Saving money is not easy, but the credit union encourages you to develop a habit of saving small sums on a regular basis. 

Members are encouraged to consider their shares in the credit union as life savings. Members will usually be advised to retain their savings unless a withdrawal becomes absolutely necessary.

Your shares in the credit union: -

  • Establish the amount you may borrow..
  • Create the general pool of savings from which all members may borrow.
  • Earn a dividend each year.
  • May entitle you to death benefits.

When advising you the credit union will always consider what is best for your situation. In most cases the recommendation will be to retain your savings and take out a loan with repayments tailored to your personal financial circumstances. In all cases the final decision will be yours.

You can pay in by:

Cash / Standing Order /  Bank Transfer / Debit Card 

Sort Code 608301  Account Number 20264868

Please quote your Membership number as the reference and payee Unity Trust Bank




Johnstone Credit Union is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority 213802

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